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Scrapbook, Portraits in context –– expands with additions

April 22, 2018

Scrapbook, Portraits in Context is a collection of disparate stories told through portraiture. Each artwork is a self-contained and multi-layered story that I created. Various elements seen in the pieces are meant to evoke personal memories in the viewer. Like in a scrapbook the presentation style is casual. “From…To…,” depicts transitions in emotion, mood, attitude… Read More

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Building Bridges –– Portraits of Immigrants and Refugees. A touring photo-text exhibit.

October 23, 2017

While still living in Massachusetts, I was invited by Mark Chester, a well known street photographer, to be a subject in his long-running project, The Bay State: A Multicultural Landscape. His goal: to highlight the multicultural landscape of Massachusetts, and his objective: to photograph naturalized U.S. citizens from as many countries of the world as… Read More

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Commercial work –– Staff portraits at New Orleans Public Radio Station, WWNO, 89.90FM

February 28, 2017

In addition to fine art work, I do commercial portrait, and product photography. While I prefer to shoot at my studio, I am ready and able to travel to the client’s location, and photograph on-site, and do so regularly. Recently, I was commissioned to photograph the staff of WWNO, 89.90FM, the New Orleans Public Radio… Read More

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