Building Bridges –– Portraits of Immigrants and Refugees. A touring photo-text exhibit.

While still living in Massachusetts, I was invited by Mark Chester, a well known street photographer, to be a subject in his long-running project, The Bay State: A Multicultural Landscape. His goal: to highlight the multicultural landscape of Massachusetts, and his objective: to photograph naturalized U.S. citizens from as many countries of the world as possible. To date, there are 193 United Nations member countries. At projects end he had photographed individuals from 180 countries, all naturalized U.S. citizens and living in the Bay State! His collection of 400 plus portraits is published in a picture book The Bay State: A Multicultural Landscape. Photographs of New Americans by Mark Chester. Click here to read details of this project.

Peggy Gillespie from Family Diversity Projects conceived the idea for the current exhibition, and partnered with Mark Chester and another photographer, Gigi Kaeser. The exhibition features portraits of 26 individuals and their stories as immigrants or refugees. My portrait and account is part of this traveling exhibition. The below link shows my page from the exhibition booklet.

Page from Building Bridges exhibition booklet

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