Literary Work

“This slender volume of short poems delivers a smorgasbord of delectable, bite-sized morsels of insights and truths on reflections about “life, living and relationships.” What it means to be human. Using a light, but practiced hand, Cariappa Annaiah spices these bon mots with humor, wit and wisdom. Clever word-play and the juxtapositioning of sometimes compatible, sometimes opposable ideas are ingredients combined to create satisfying mental meals. Ranging from light-hearted confections about everyday life to serious stick-to-your-brain observations on life-changing events, Truisms – mostly is a “soup to nuts” menu of insights and ideas. The book truly contains a wide variety of observations, with selections within it to satisfy everyone’s tastes. And, like a favorite dish, one will return to it again and again.”

~ Denise Pearson, Writer