Literary Work

Echoes of Epictetus and Arrian
(published November, 2021)

Cariappa Annaiah's published poems and illustrator Warsha Lath's visual translation of his poetry come together in this anthology. The poems offer an incisive reflection on life, living, and relationships.

The poems are best summarized in this humorous personal communication from the late Jean Blake White, writer, poet and novelist, I do love your book - somewhat more the serious poems than the ones that verge toward the humorous but they are all refreshing......... I like very short poems anyway - there are a lot of excessively long poems around these days, pointless ones. Yours, short with points, are very satisfying!  And excellent indices as well!  It is not my way to be diplomatic about poems unless the poet is actually weeping in my presence, so this is not a result of diplomacy….