Interview with Glenn Williams and Julia Perciasepe on the TV show, “It’s All About Art.”

December 21, 2013

I was recently interviewed by host Glenn Williams and co-host Julia Perciasepe on their live TV show “It’s All About Arts” hosted by Boston’s public access cable TV center, Boston Neighborhood Network Television (BNN-TV), a nationally recognized, award-winning community media center. This was my second appearance on this show.
Click on the video below to see the 11 minute live interview.

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12 comments on “Interview with Glenn Williams and Julia Perciasepe on the TV show, “It’s All About Art.”

  1. It’s all about art, interview was a wow !,brother.
    I will play it for Mummy when she comes to Mysore on 26th
    She and all of us are proud of your success as a poet and artist!
    Best of Luck…..indu

  2. Cariappa, congratulations on the interview, and getting to the third book of poetry! It was interesting to discover which other poets you feel have influenced your writing. Wishing you all the best in the coming new year, too!

    • Thank you, Catherine. And, thank you for the wishes. Likewise, wishing you the best for the New Year!


  3. Good to hear that you are in the middle of volume 3 of Truisms – mostly.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the first two volumes. I found myself smiling a lot at the truisms you captured so beautifully in so few words.

    Wishing you and Miti a wonderful 2014.

    Uma Kushalappa

    • Thank you Uma. I am happy that you liked the first two volumes.

      Thanks too, for the wishes. Likewise, wishing you and family a Fruitful and Happy New Year.


  4. Shob and I viewed your interview which was interesting.
    I am happy, you are bringing out your 3rd. volume of Truisms.
    Fond blessings. Cissy Annaiah.

  5. Cariappa,
    Congratulations on your interview on “It’s all about Art”. I feel so compelled to spend some time looking at your art, since there were “technical difficulties” that did not allow the viewing during the show! I, also, am so happy that Volume Three of your poetry is in the works! Looking forward to seeing you soon!
    Have a Happy New year

  6. Great interview. You were really relaxed, chilled out and in control. Wish they could have gotten the monitor to bring your artwork to us. Notice you mentioned Levitating jello!

    • Thank you, Bobby! Thanks for the compliments. Too bad about the technical glitch, but it enabled me to talk a bit more.

      And, yes, Levitating jello!