Inwardstep Publications announces two book releases on redesigned website

Inwardstep Publications, which released Cariappa Annaiah’s two volumes of Truisms – mostly, the first in 2010 and the second in 2011, announced a pair of book releases on their website.

In 2021, a compendium of volumes I and II of Truisms – mostly, with each of the 209 poems accompanied by an interpretative illustration by the gifted and well-known Indian artist, Warsha Lath.

And, in 2022, a third collection of over 150 poems by Cariappa, with content suitable for a mature and discerning audience.

The redesigned website upgraded its hypertext markup language (HTTP) data connection to HTTPS using secure sockets layer (SSL). Google indexes websites with HTTPS connections and not those with non-secure HTTP.

Click here to visit the website.