Isolation of Polarity from Fluidity of Attraction series in MNEMONIC, an international, juried, photography show at Dab Art’s H Gallery, Ventura, CA from June 9th to July 22nd, 2018.

Isolation of Polarity, a wood-framed, 32 x 22″ canvas piece from the Fluidity of Attraction series was selected for Dab Art’s MNEMONIC, an international, juried photography show. 40 artists were selected from over 1500 entries. The juror was Michael Miner, an award-winning writer of screenplays, who is also a film director and a well known, large format landscape photographer, based in California.

The series Fluidity of Attraction, highlights the ephemeral nature of attraction and is an uncommon confluence of subject matter, artistic elements and medium. Please read more about the series, and the novel medium on the Art page of this website.

In addition to the exhibition, artists will be featured along with their photos in a book called MNEMONIC published by Dab Art. This full-colored folio will be added to the permanent catalog in the Los Angeles County Museum of Art’s (LACMA) Balch Art Research Library.

Dab Art is an art company in Southern California dedicated to enhancing the contemporary art experience for artists and art lovers. LACMA’s Balch Art Research Library is reported to be the largest art museum in the western United States and maintains an extensive research-level collection of approximately 175,000 books, journals, periodicals and art publications.

MNEMONIC, curated by Dab Art’s Yessica Torres is on show at H Gallery in Midtown Ventura, CA from June 9th to July 22nd, 2018. View the exhibition web page here.