Sunlight, and flames on copper and brass heightens the intrinsic glow emanating from these metals, as well as marks them in wondrous ways. The sources of heat, and the glowing, and scarred metal are stand-ins, for how Life’s hardships can draw out our humanness, even as it indelibly marks our soul. "Copper waves"" was exhibited in 2012 at the Gallery 601 solo exhibition. The series received an honorable mention at the International Photo Awards 2008 competition. Copper plates exposed to heat is a subset of the Metal series. "Levels of Interaction" printed on canvas, 22 x 34" in size, was exhibited at the 2015 juried show, "As Expected" conducted by The Copley Society of Boston. "Blue Headdress" was accepted in 2016 for The Summer Show, a national, juried show conducted by the St. Tammany Art Association in Covington. Mardi Gras Watching 6 was accepted in 2017 for Brush with Burden, a national, juried show organized by the Burden Horticultural Society.