Life and Afterlife

Life and Afterlife is a much awarded series. Natural attrition is depicted. The petals were naturally shed, some complete with intact stamens and others sprinkled with pollen.You will notice that many of the flowers are "defective" in that some are drooping and dried, others have holes in their petals etc. I am not concentrating on defective flowers, those defects just happen to be present on their otherwise beautiful "bodies." My point is that perfection in Nature or in this world is an illusion.

"Dried lily with stamen on glass," a 21 x 29" wood-framed work on paper was selected in 2018 for Flowers and Gardens, a national show at 311 Gallery, Raleigh, NC. "Memories in a bottle 2" was selected in 2011 for the juried "Matter, Medium, & Meaning: A Contemporary Still Life Show" at the Copley Society of Art (CoSo), Boston. "Moth and light" was exhibited in 2010 at "Copley on Cape Cod," a juried, external exhibition of CoSo, sponsored by the Cape Cod Art Association. "Calligraphy in water 2" received an honorable mention at the International Photo Awards 2009 competition. "Dried lily petals and stamens" was awarded the 3rd Jurors' prize at the Spring Members' Show, "Emerald" conducted in 2007 by CoSo; "Crumpled daffodils contre-jour 2" was exhibited at the same show. Coral flowers received two honorable mentions, and dried lily petals received an honorable mention at the International Photo Awards 2007 competition.