Fluidity of Attraction

“Fluidity of Attraction” is a rare and novel series where the subject matter –– Attraction –– the artistic elements –– Iron Nanoparticle Suspension, Rare-Earth Magnetic Field, Ambient Light, Sky, Shadow and Reflection –– and, the medium used –– Captured Collage –– all converge on a single quality, the quality of being ephemeral!

Attraction based on beauty and lust, the most common type of attraction, is fleeting. And, when not evanescent, it ebbs and flows with time, it is fluid.

Attraction of the iron nanoparticles is temporary, dependent upon a magnetic field.

My collages after I capture them, last as long as my whim.
I create temporary collages, paintings, and installations, illuminate them with ambient lighting to create dimensionality, capture the ensemble with a camera, and print with minimal post-processing. The collage or installation is dismantled, or the painting is erased, and exists only as a single, archival canvas print. I call this medium, “Mixed media collage captured in 2D, archival pigment inks on canvas.”

"Isolation of Polarity" was juried into Dab Art's MNEMONIC show at H Gallery, Ventura; "Sea Horseoid" was admitted to the Alexandria Museum of Art’s 29th Annual September Competition Exhibition; and "Custard On Impact" was juried into The Copley Society's exhibition, "Summer Hours" at the CoSo Gallery in Boston.