Artist By Artist, Portraits In Context

“Artist By Artist –– an exploration of artist Peter Coes and his work by artist Cariappa Annaiah.” This appreciation of Peter and his artwork marks the release of “Portraits In Context” and the introduction of an evolving medium, “Captured Collage.” An early example of this medium is my series, “Smear Paintings.” I draw or photograph people, and objects, print the portraits on paper, tear these prints and use the pieces to create temporary collages lit by ambient light for dimensionality, and capture the collage in-camera using depth of field as a compositional tool. In essence, the portraits are created twice. First, as a primary portrait, and second, part of a collage. Post-processing is limited to contrast adjustment. The ephemera are dismantled, and live only as an archival canvas print, hence the term for this medium, “Mixed media collage captured in 2D, archival pigment inks on canvas.”

In each portrait, all elements that are seen alongside the artist are examples of his artwork.

Peter Coes, a long-time resident of Cape Cod is a multidimensional artist, and a master
– painter
– carver
– woodworker
– illustrator
– storyteller

He is also an experienced mariner, model boat builder, general handyman, and the list goes on, but always ends with nice human being!

To appreciate the depth and breadth of his exceptional and unique art, and to meet a genuine artist, please visit his website at and drop by his studio on Historic Route 6A in Cummaquid, Massachusetts.

"Artist as Alchemist" was on show in 2015 at "Structures & Remnants" an exhibition hosted by the Cape Cod Museum of Art, Dennis, MA.